(The increasingly less) Daily senryu thread

Monday, July 18, 2022

Previous senryu

  1. 戦争は行かない人がやりたがり
    Those who / seek wars, ain’t / seen one


  • :confetti_ball: to @LaVieQ (thank you!)

  • The literal meaning, of course, is that “those that don’t go to war, are eager to have them” but I like this more poetic interpretation.

  • I corrected a small typo in the reading.

  • I just noticed that I’m a few days behind on updating the spreadsheet. Will take care of it now.

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Various settings

  1. ゲイバーで妻とそっくり酔いがさめ

Well, that’s a setting. :smile:

I’m going to need to research 酔いがさめ.

Remember to please use the spoiler tag with your translation attempts! Also, please include the reading in kana with your submission.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, no matter your level!

Online tools like dictionaries, sentence databases, and even AI translation engines are fair game and can be extremely helpful. Yomichan is particularly handy if you use the Chrome or Firefox browser. The 語源(ごげん)由来(ゆらい)辞典(じてん) is also an excellent resource for researching the etymology of various words and expressions.

Here are the links to the 356 Japanese originals (spoiler free) and to the the spreadsheet with all the upcoming senryu as well as the translations to date.