The Cruelty of Typo's

Whaddayamean 89% … you little tease!!! Just sayin’

So, I’m finding the post-level-40 rumours to be true … instead of my typical long plods ( hey, life sometimes gets in the way!) through the earlier stages, I’ve seen my very pedestrian pace break into something of a gallop (oh, ha ha … see what I did there) in these recent stages.

BUT … why oh why oh why isn’t there a “nudge” button to deal with these situations. Gotta laugh really … it’s like the cliffhanger in a movie.

You see … up until now, my personal best for completing a level was 8 days 10 hours … and thus, looking at my stats, I was getting a bit excited about the prospect of completing a level in 4 days, 5 hours … and then it happened … OH NO … DOH!!! I made a typo when entering the reading for slice … I wrote “san” when I should have written “zan” … and just like that … bosh … my record breaking dream went up in a puff on crocodile green smoke.

On the plus side, I’ve still got a stack of vocabulary lessons to do, so if I was to have moved up to level 47, I’d still have quite a few vocabulary from 46 to devour. But still … there are times where I think this system needs a “nudge” button to deal with these situations where you’re perilously close to levelling up … and your only mistake was the slightest of typos.

Mind you, saying that, I’m not gonna forget that kanji am I!


Strictly speaking, there’s a difference between a typo (where you know what you’re writing and accidentally type/write it in incorrectly, e.g. “fat fingering” on a phone or pushing the wrong key on a keyboard accidentally) and unknowingly getting something wrong, like making a spelling mistake or using the wrong word in a sentence.

I personally installed Wanikani doublecheck because I don’t see a point in doing more reviews on an item that I simply fat-fingered and got marked wrong, but you have to be careful not to let yourself start giving yourself a second try on items that you got wrong due to hazy memory.


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