The Crabigator Is Sad When He Shouldn't Be

Hello all.

I have e-mailed WaniKani about this issue, but I’m hoping someone here has had an experience with this, as I think it’s the only roadblock preventing me from unlocking lvl 4.

I recently subscribed to a year of WaniKani but I’m seeing a message saying that the Crabigator is sad because I didn’t renew my subscription. Well I subscribed like an hour ago so my subscription is new. I don’t see any reason I should be seeing this error right now. Also I can confirm that my payment went through, and the subscription status on my account is Active, yet I have all the requirements for lvl 4 and it’s still not getting unlocked.

EDIT: I just received the invoice, but the issue is persisting.

Strange. Maybe try clearing your cache and logging back in? I don’t know what else you can do but wait for a reply from the devs. If they don’t reply you could mention one of them here to grab their attention.

It looks like there was some lag. After around 2 hours I received the e-mail welcoming me to the full version of WaniKani and the banner seems to be gone. I can also see I’m level 4 now and have a whooping 42 lessons to do.

All good now!


Glad to hear it all worked out!

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