Subscribed but no access to later kanji


I just subscribed to WaniKani after finishing all the content in level 3. After hitting the subscribe button at the bottom of the page I was given an error. I now have a blue box on my dashboard that says: “The Crabigator Is Sad That You Are No Longer A Follower.” On the subscription page it says I already have an active yearly subscription. I do not have access to the kanji beyond level 3 even though it says I’m level 4. Anyone know how to fix this?


Send an email to


I have, still waiting on a response though :(.


For some reason the automated upgrade on your account didn’t occur. I manually set the correct status on your account; you should be good to go. Sorry about that.


OK great. I see the reviews now. Thanks.


Oh boy, just for reporting that bug alone you deserve a sect name.


I have exactly the same problem if someone can sort it please.


Tagging @viet just to be sure


Sorted thanks! Can’t wait to continue my journey, loving it so far.