WaniKani Kanji Map

Hi all!

You may have come across this kanji map image in your studies, as I did:

One weekend many months ago I was tempted to print out this map then mark all the kanji I learned on WaniKani so far with a red marker, like a bingo sheet. Then I remembered that WK has an API that I never had a reason to try out…so I took the weekend to build out a lil app to do the work for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Since getting into full-time work I haven’t had time to come back to WK, much as I want to, but I still wanted to let this one loose before I officially go on hiatus. If you’re a paid member of WK you can use the app yourself to see your own progress on the map! And if you care to see how it’s made/want to confirm there’s nothing sketchy happening with your API key, the source is up on GitHub.

Here’s mine on my mode of choice, whiteout with a little transparency:

Please let me know what you think, thanks for looking! :v:


It doesn’t load for me on mobile, so I’ll have a look on my computer in a few minutes.

Interesting stats so far though…

Seems I know 2048 out of the 2019 kanji I was going to learn, and know 29 out of the 8 extra kanji that are not on the list. :open_mouth:

Fricking 漢字プロ right here :sunglasses:

EDIT: Neato!

There’s a strange thing going on if you zoom in using the browser, so I guess everyone don’t do that.


Thanks, that will be useful.

For me, there seems to be a problem with the way the right side is handled.
If the mouse hovers the settings panel, then the table is almost 100% visible, but the last right column is off-screen.
If the mouse hovers the table, then the display gets a bit crazier, and the mouse reaches the top of the window, the table will be upside-down :slight_smile:

It’s lovely!

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Wow you really are :astonished:

Seems like WK has added kanji since the last time I checked - just updated it now, should be worked out and the statistics should make statistical sense now. Good catch :slightly_smiling_face:


Strange…I’ll take a look when I get home tonight. It definitely shouldn’t be doing that :sweat_smile:


Neato burrito! Seems to be correct now. 2037 WK kanji + 11 non-WK kanji makes 2048 kanji learned :wink:

EDIT: Oh wait, I think the 2048 still has to say 2037 actually. You’re simply counting all learned WK kanji I think, and those include the 11 kanji not on the map. :sweat_smile:

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This looks great! Any way to manually stamp a kanji you learned outside of WK?



That would be fricking great!!! Bit late for me but frick yes that would be amazing.

Also I can’t believe I haven’t actually achieved bingo with my map. All that hard work for nothing :sob:


It would be a shame if the map would stay at <70% filled forever.

Also, you seem especially hyped about this! :ok_hand:

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Very! It also has a little bit of that good good vibe of those stamps at Japanese tourist spots. I didn’t know what those were for the longer part of when I was in Japan until it was too late, but next time I’ll buy a little stamp book :blush:

But it kind of has that feeling like “you have achieved to come up to here, congrats, have a stamp!”

Imagine logging on to the page, and some golden rings are pulsating around your newest kanji victories and then you press them one by one and then shlabam, new stamps on your map.


Thanks. For your debug purpose, I am running FF 69 on a 4k monitor.

ps: here is the actual rendering:

When hovering a kanji, would it be possible for you to implement a tooltip window giving some details about that particular kanji? It would especially useful for these kanji which are not taught on WK, but also some others we may have, well, forgotten :slight_smile:

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cool cool cool


Is that doing something similar to this?: http://hexagenic.net/wanikaniwallpaper-js/

Edit: never mind, it’s not! I’m incapable of reading!

Hah, you’re dead on with how that was being counted!! That’s fixed now too :wink:

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Very interesting ideas…I have to chew on these :thinking:

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Thanks so much! This is super cool! I love it. :heart_eyes:

I’m getting the error: “Token is not the right format. Did you copy the v1 token by accident?”. As far as I know, I’m following the instructions to the letter.

I’ve created 2 API/Personal Access Tokens in addition to the default one, both with all the permissions unchecked.

If it makes any difference, I’m using Firefox (latest ver). I’ve tried with addons disabled (I know uBlock can sometimes interfere with certain pages).

edit - Never mind, I figured it out… For some reason double clicking on the token and copying it added a space before and after.