The 0/0 Streak Challenge


I missed 34??
Man this few weeks have been roughhhh.
Here for 35




Hmm. Does it have any effect on WaniKani, or is that more of a “feel good” thing?


Effect? No, but they are officially correct stats. They just take the info from your account and present them in a different way so you get more info out of it =)


They sure do have an effect. The effect is that your reviews aren’t piling up, and you have fewer lessons to deal with upon reaching your next level, which helps avoid burnout.

EDIT: Whoops. Thought you were talking about getting 0/0. WKStats just help you understand where you are.


I can’t even remember the last time this happened and it will probably won’t happen again (for a long long time)




Level 16 (pre-guru):


I’ve been aiming to keep my leeches under 10, and they were down to like seven at one point but I think I failed a lot of enlightenments when I was having a bad day, and it feels like it’s taking ages for the reviews to come back around… I just want to prove to the system that I actually know them so I don’t have to see 20+ leeches on my dashboard all the time Dx

and what is wrong with me, why do I keep looking at 手首 which I’ve known for ages and being like “oh, isn’t that the word for radical which has a funny reading” >.<


Not much left in paradise.


@Naphthalene I’m really jealous of your 10 leeches. :confounded:


What is the script again to see your leeches?


This I think, but I doesn’t work half the time.


I love how well it gets along the kana script


wow x 3


By a long long time, you mean level 22, yes?


Wait there’s a kanna script?!


Level 12


Yep, Kumi-chan made it here


That’s wicked.


It’s an emergency!!



emergency x3


ummmm…eeeeeeee…alright, challenge accepted :grinning: