That moment when you first read a sentence that contains kanji and understand it

Hey all,

Not sure if everyone gets the same buzz but after trying to learn (remember) written Japanese for so many years (I’m fine with Hiragana and Katakana)… after the first 4 levels I found myself being able to read and understand a sentence containing either a singe kanji or a few kanji and kanji combinations …

This was such a good feeling that I got goosebumps and felt really encouraged … finally I feel like I’m making progress!

Has anyone else had a similar experience on understanding their first sentence with kanji in it?


wait till you finish reading a book from tadoku graded reader.
its heaven :innocent:


Yes I know this feeling, it’s just so satisfying. Keep up the work, you will have a lot more such moments if you keep up and congratulations.



Remember this feeling. Tuck it away. Add memories when it happens again.

Then pull those memories out every time you begin to despair, ‘cause trust me … there will be days.



I’ve just about finished the first two sets of ASK Graded Readers, Level 0. This is the first time I’ve really tried to read Japanese, and to my surprise I am able to do it! It does make me feel like I have made progress, and is extremely motivating. What a great feeling! I want to keep on doing more reading!


I had the same feeling the first time I understood a WORD in a sentence spoken by someone behind me on the street. Until then everything sounded like one undulating continuous chaos. It was 地下鉄 about fifteen years ago :slightly_smiling_face: Very impressive.


Congrats! My goal is to be able to read some Manga that my brother bought me for Christmas, the first 3 volumes of Your Lie in April / 四月は君の嘘, which is one of my favourite animes. I can only imagine what that will feel like


Absolutely!!! I took a big break from Japanese and had to reset my WaniKani account (as you can see from my level!) but I remember the first time I read a graded reader, I was absolutely ecstatic. I also remember the very first time I recognized a word — 玉ねぎ — in a Japanese mall near me. It’s so exciting recognizing words, phrases, and sentences in the real world :smiling_face:


I was about to say that I felt great when starting reading nhk easy news after getting to lvl 11 (and recommended by WK in the email) and understanding the article title and some paragraphs,

but now users above saying they are reading graded and way more complex books, now I feel down :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Don’t despair; there’s always more doors.

Also, there’s other users like me with a similar feeling in the Hell camp. :wink:

Instead, celebrate your progress even though there’s more to go! 頑張って

Also, wow! You made level 39 since New Year’s Eve 2020? Evidently, you kept your New Year’s resolution and still have only 82 Apprentice?!?

I’m only level 36 - darn you 2020 :frowning:


I’m reading the Graded Readers, Level 0, and I know NHK Easy News is a lot harder. I’ve tried that and still can’t do it. So you are doing just fine. Don’t feel down.


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