It's all Wanikani's fault!

Me?!?! Reading and understanding things?!?! Really?

It’s true!!

Last night, I read through a doujinshi I bought a few years ago. When I first got it, I could read kana and pick out some kanji (except…those readings were wrong because I understood nothing about onyomi and kunyomi, whoops! :joy:). Thus, with such limited knowledge, I had very little idea about what was being said in the story. lol

However, when I looked at the same dj again last night, I can safely say that I understood about 90% of the dialog without looking anything up. Guys, I literally cannot even explain how utterly thrilled I am. Like…I’m just so so so happy because this website has absolutely kicked my ass into not only learning Kanji but it made me want to study grammar. And I’m doing that and things are actually making sense!!

My current level is still too low to comfortably read anything, but I decided I’m gonna try to get through some of a book I have on my favorite historical figure. Little by little, I’m working through it with what I know from here plus the support of Kanji Learner’s Dictionary. Things…are actually making sense. I’m thinking back on how I would try to look things up in the past before I started all this. I could barely figure out anything, so I’d feel demotivated and just give up. I would never understand it and I could never learn Japanese, so why should I bother? And it was true. My previous methods were cumbersome and didn’t fit my learning style.

Sorry for the long gushing post but I’m just so happy right now to actually see and feel progress with something that’d seemed impossible for so long. :sob: :sob: :sob: I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a long time in many different ways and nothing ever stuck. Until now. It’s all Wanikani’s fault and I love the crabigator for it. <3 I’m so hype to keep learning more and more~


Congratulations! So glad you got a win to show how far you’ve come! Here’s to more wins in the future! :confetti_ball:


It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? :grin: Especially when you’re reading something that you actually enjoy. Good luck on your Japanese studies from here!


What an awesome demonstration of your progress! It feels amazing to be able to pick out and make sense of words that once seemed far beyond understanding. Today I saw a word that I didn’t know, whose component kanjis I knew the readings for, and put them together and googled the word in romaji - The first few results were the correct kanji, so now I know what it means! That would have been totally beyond me maybe just a week ago! Yay for WaniKani, and all hail the Crabigator!

Let’s us sacrifice some burned turtles to him/her/it as tribute :turtle:


Thank you!! ^O^ I’m so excited to keep learning more and more.

omg I relate so much!! It’s such an amazing feeling when you suddenly realize… hey…i can DO this!! :smiley: Congratulations on your win! Keep it up~!


I’m happy to know you’re happy. がんばりましょう。

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That’s so great to hear! お疲れ様!!

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It’s been 3-ish months since I made this post and I wanted to update my progress. That means 3-ish more months of coming here every day, doing lessons, doing reviews, keeping that 0/0 going strong.

So here’s the update.


^ Actual footage of me realizing I can READ AND UNDERSTAND things on NHK News Web Easy. :sob::sob::sob: Like. I literally cannot even believe how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time, especially since I tried and stagnated on learning Japanese for so long until now. I’m so beyond happy. I can’t wait to keep learning more and more. :crabigator: :heart: :crabigator: THANKS, CRABIGATOR


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