That feeling

…when a kanji pops in your reviews, and you’re like, “I haven’t seen that in forever!”

And then you answer quite certain and it’s a Burn!

I just burnt 整, one of the kanji that were truly new to me when i found it on WK. I struggled with it so much at the beginning but when the time to burn came, I was ready for it.


What about that feeling when a kanji comes up for burn, you know it, and mistype :rage:


That’s like the antithesis of what I just described hahah

And yeah I bet we’ve all been there too…

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Or when a kanji comes up and while you know it is for a burn, you feel like you’ve never seen the kanji in your life.


I never know when something’s up for a burn :neutral_face: Things just come and go hahah

Ha, I am always pretty certain when something will be. It is basically just like you said - knowing you haven’t seen it in forever. When I suspect it, I always type more carefully too haha.

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Yeah, haha… totally

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