Text analyzer

anyone know an app like this for Japanese?
I’ve been using this app to study Korean (grammar and vocab) from webtoon.
I’m a beginner at Japanese but I’m getting bored so i wanted to try study with manga but I can’t find an app like this to make my life easier

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The Imiwa app on iOS (and Android too, perhaps?) has a similar function.


I really like the interface and ideas behind mrahhal’s Lapis. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a mobile app. It also seems to be quite powerful.


I’ve tried ichimoe but it’s nowhere near as good as this app, it also doesn’t recognize some really simple grammar

I’m no expert on Korean, but I rather suspect that says more about how fiddly Japanese can be than about how good or bad the parser is.

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Korean and Japanese grammar are quite similar they both add particles to the steam to convey meaning.
the beauty of this app is that it analyze the sentence as a whole and not the individual components giving you a more accurate grammar explanation.

example? i was looking for someone that could explain 間に合ったじゃない
if i used the app on the photo it would have told me the usage of janai in THAT context, but all other “similar” app/site i found for Japan only analyzed the word separately telling me therefore that janai is a negative; but it’s not negative that’s why i was confused


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