Looking for grammar analysis software

I’m looking for software that can help me to understand the grammar of a Japanese text; eg: typing 行けない would tell me that’s the negative potential form of 行く

Is there anything similar available?

ichi.moe does that :3


I have a browser extension called “Yomichan” which shows me information about a word when I hover the mouse over it and press shift. It looks like this:

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the details of where I got it but I think Google will help. You also have to install some dictionary databases alongside it.


Yeah, those two things were exactly the ones I first thought of as well :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
By the way, you can’t see it a 100% in the screenshot above, but yomichan can absolutely also recognize “stacked” word forms:



That’s exactly what I was looking for :tada:

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I will also shout out lapisapp.com which works similary to ichi.moe, but with a slightly nicer interface, and added functionality (like the ability to save sentences and make flashcards). The only con is that it’s not 100% mobile friendly yet but really great on PC

Bonus: it is programmed by fellow wanikani-ers

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