Text Alert for Reviews


Could this be possible? I wouldn’t know how to do it but I thought it would be an interesting idea. It would make me stop and turn on my laptop if I got a text about reviews waiting for me.


do not want.  i pretty much always know i have reviews, or will soon.  :p
I can see how it’d be nice at lower levels though :smiley:


Hi Snowfire,

I just joined this site so I don’t know how/if email alerts appear.  But if there are email alerts, most carriers provide an email->sms gateways which is usually something like <your phone number>@<your carrier>.com.  Sending messages to that address will SMS the message to your phone.

Here’s a list for US carriers: http://sms411.net/how-to-send-email-to-a-phone/

I would suspect it works the same in other countries.


I too always know when my next reviews are. If I’m not doing them it’s likely that I’m too busy, not that I’ve forgotten!
That’s just me though… If it’s a feasible option and enough people want it, I can’t see how it’s a bad idea.


Komodo, WK does do email updates.  The highest frequency setting is only once a day though so I doubt that an SMS tied to it would be very useful.

At any rate, since sending an SMS would have to be server side I don’t think that it would be possible to get SMS sent directly from WK unless our Allicrab overlord (I feel compelled to say something like “Holy be he”) suddenly mutates/gets updated.  Now you could work with the API to pull review counts and send a notification text whenever there’re any available.  However, that’d either have to be run from an internet connected computer or smartphone.  The former essentially requires turning your PC into an ad hoc server; the latter is just kinda redundant.  So what am I saying here?  Um, it’s probably possible but only in a roundabout way.

I should get back to learning how to program for Android… which reminds me, I think I remember someone saying that they’d made an Android notifier?  If so, then I’d really appreciate it if you could share the code/app.


It’s not a problem when you get to later levels. It’s more like “2 hours have passed? Oh well, time to do some reviews”


Really not needed, as you will soon have more reviews you know how to deal with. Mainichi.


If someone had an RSS server fetching info from the API you could use IFTTT.com to send messages to your phone.