Email When Reviews are Available?

Is there a way to receive an email when new reviews are ready? Or a text? I like to stay on top of the reviews … so this would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance!
-Robert (Almost Level 11 :slight_smile:

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The best you can get is an email once a day, which you can get if your settings are set the right way:

Maybe one of the mobile apps has push notifications? I’m not sure on that.

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the android app i use for WK has option for push notifications whenever a review is available

called “WK for WaniKani” and has a red circle with white crabigator silhouette


Thanks! I will try the app.

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np! i just checked the settings (i dont use the notifications myself since i just use the cadence of my life to run the reviews) and it looks like the notifications are for lessons and reviews, and i dont think you can choose just reviews, so if you don’t do all of your lessons up front it may notify more frequently than you like.

you can set the interval between notifications, but im not sure if it applies to all notifications the app sends or just the on-unlock ones :x

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