Email review notifier - any interest?

So a problem I’ve had with Wanikani is remembering to do my reviews during the working day. 95% of the time I forget to review during the day - even though I’m sitting right there at a computer - and have to face down a big pile of reviews in the evening.

I figured the best thing for me would be an email notifier - something to mail me a reminder when reviews started to stack up, since I pretty much live inside Gmail at work. Had a look in the forum and found this:

… but it seems to be no longer running (no response when I entered my API key). Also I had a couple of requirements that I wanted from the notifications:

  • To set a threshold for notification (say 25 reviews) and only be emailed once that number is exceeded in the queue
  • To only email during the day, not spam me all night, and
  • To “snooze” notifications for (x) hours when I do a review session, so as to not get spammed too often when I should be doing other stuff.

… so I put together a little custom app called Wanimeru. It runs as a web app, checking for reviews once an hour, and if all the conditions are right (during the day, threshold exceeded, not in snooze mode), fires me an email reminder. If I hit the review link, notifications are suspended for a few hours.

I’ve been running this a few days now, and it’s working pretty well for me - thought I’d ask if anyone else might have a use for it? If so, I’ll happily add the required stuff (registration page, account/settings etc), make it available here, and we can see how it goes. If not, I’ll just leave it as-is as a weird one-off personal app :smile:



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There is also a script that will show the number of items to be reviewed in the title, so that as long as you have the tab up, it’ll display the number of reviews next to the favicon. Slightly different use case, but it might be something worth considering, especially for those of us who always forget to check our emails as well!

Also take a look at your settings page (from the Dashboard, not here). There is a box to check for daily WaniKani email reminders!!!
The default may be weekly, but I recall seeing daily before. I switched it to off myself at some point - but it’s there!

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Thanks - hadn’t seen that one, will give it a try.

Thanks - I have the daily email on, but needed something a bit more regular. Considering hooking the system up to Slack so I can get an occasional prompt there, too (or maybe a WK slackbot that fires occasional review questions?)

A WK Slackbot sounds cool, actually. I wonder if it’s something that could get installed on the Slack that I (in)frequent.

Can just install AlliCrab and have phone notifications when reviews are up.

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