Text/email notifications when there are lessons or reviews available


Since I’m not always at my computer, I wanted to get notified via text message whenever new lessons or reviews were available. I set up something using AWS (Amazon Web Services) to accomplish that. It will check every hour to see if lessons or reviews are available and then send a text if there are any available.

The code is here:

Email me at deantm@gmail.com if you need help setting it up on AWS.


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Although it would seem like I finally have friends, I think the amount of messages would drive me crazy :wink: .
But it seems quite convenient if you are starting out and want to level asap, nice work :slight_smile:


I completed the set up, but hit an error. I’m wondering if clearer, more thorough instructions could be posted? I realize that would take time, but I think it would open this up as an option to more users. Screenshots would be best, but again I understand that things take time and time isn’t an endless resource. Thank you for posting this! It was fun to try, even though I only got so far lol
Looking forward to an update!!

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