Temporarily skip lessons

I had a question about lessons.
I already use a reorder script but sometimes I only want to do the radical lessons and save all the other lessons for another time.
Lets say I have 33 new radicals and my lesson batch size is 10, Is there a way to skip the remaining 7 lessons in the last batch?

I’m not sure which reorder script you’re using, but maybe read the page where you downloaded it to find specific info. As for the script I use [[Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]], you should be able to sort be radicals only and learn all 33 without any kanji or vocab appearing in the lessons.

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Both reorder ultimate and lesson filter script support this.
With reorder ultimate you can right-click on the lesson types you don’t want to remove them from the current lesson set.
With lesson filter you can specify how many of each lesson type you want, so 0 kanji and 0 vocab will give you radicals only.


I had no idea that right clicked the lesson types in the script did anything.
Thank you :smiley:

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