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I’ve tried to talk to japanese people on line but it seems my level its still a bit low and i don’t have enough practice on chat or conversation. So i’ve created a chat group on telegram for people who want to practice japanese, this group is intended for basic or intermediate level, so please try to help other people and be nice.

I decided to create this group on telegram since its very lightweight and can be used both on computer and cellphone and also because its compatible with any OS.

Here is the group link:

And here is telegram home page, in case you need to download it.


I’ve never heard of Telegram… but…

You should consider getting LINE! :slight_smile:


I have tried using line when trying to chat with Japanese people since its the most popular app in Japan, but from my experience in terms of how fast, lightweight and data usage, perhaps you should consider getting Telegram :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :

Telegram vs Whatsapp vs Hangouts vs Messenger vs LINE vs Viber vs Messenger vs Skype


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I was just suggesting it because we already have several active groups in LINE. We, as in the WaniKani community, use it to talk to each other. There is a general chat group and also a 日本語 group for practicing chatting in Japanese. Was just trying to save you the trouble of getting a group together since we already have several.

5.84 MB/hour isn’t much


I personally like more telegram than any other chat app. So i dont mind creating a telegram group, i took a tour on the LINE groups, noticed its getting pretty overwhelming there. A supergroup in telegram can support up to 5000 members. Notifications can be customized or silenced for the group and also there is no need to share your phone number, with a username will be more than enough. Telegram is considered the most safe app of the ones shown in the chart.



Fair enough. I hope it works out for you.

Feel free to post the group details under this thread. I can update the first post to include telegram.

Personally I’m open to new applications. But it depends mostly on the amount of contacts that use it. I want to get rid of WhatsApp but everyone I know uses it so. Having an app with nobody to write to is useless.

Update: oh. Sorry the group is already created. I will add it later.


Emin i think you should consider some points :

  • Are you aware that most of the LINE’s user baser is in Asia? LINE is very popular in Japan. However in Europe and USA Messenger its the most popular app. . . So NO, LINE is NOT the app everyone uses. In most of the other countries WhatsApp is dominating.

  • LINE is not the most functional app for groups, i already mentioned the 200 members limit line has and compare that to 5000 members limit telegram has.

  • Telegram is the fastest app to login and begin chatting in any device it also is the one that uses less data.

  • As a moderator i would definitively prefer an app thats functional than doing a clean up every time the limit of 200 users has been reached (The Crabigator has a lot of active members )


Some misunderstanding. I didn’t say Line is popular in Europe or USA. I am a European living in Japan so the two apps (WA and LINE) are totally fine as I have friends using both.

The reason why the LINE groups were created (way before I created the new threads for these) probably was because LINE is a Japanese app that many Japanese people use. It opens possibilities to get in contact with Japanese natives and is fun to use.

Ok that point seems fair, however i think most people here are either in beginner or intermediate japanese level. With that in mind i really think having a chat buddy whose main language in english is a great thing for practicing. So that if you miss a word or dont know how to say something or say something in a wrong way they will be able to help. I see WaniKani chat groups as baby steps in conversation.

After we as members feel more and more comfortable speaking japanese we could directly use LINE to speak with japanese native people. Still i don’t see any fair point for using LINE where most of its members would be either beginner or intermediate level. For me the ideal thing to do would be telegram for practicing and LINE when you can establish a conversation in japanese where the help you might need to understand a native would be minimum.


No problem. The more chat tools the better for the community. Everyone can choose a favourite and try new ones. In the end most people will choose based on many factors like comfort or features.

(My personal comment about WhatsApp and LINE has the reason that features like speed and data usage is personally not my highest priority. More like the amount of contacts that effect me. I’m currently at work right now and can only use my phone and 4G network for private usage therefore I can not yet try Telegram. But in a few hours I will join.)

UPDATE: lol, I can’t register Telegram, says my phone number is not a valid number.


Here is the referral link for support on telegram Telegram support i have noticed it sometimes asks for the country code.

There is also a twitter account where you can Direct Message (DM) them if you have problems.

Note: Telegram sends a SMS, so for registering and logging in a mobile phone is needed. VoIP Phones and other apps won’t do the trick


Hi :blush::+1:t2:, Here are short-list telegram groups:

Relax chit-chatting in English: [](
English Speaking Group : [](

Feel free to join fellas

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