Japanese WhatsApp Group

Japanese WhatsApp Group- This group was created for Japanese learners who need to practice their Japanese with the other learners or native speakers, the group is helpful for those who know some Japanese and willing to improve, especially if they have nobody around to practice Japanese with, to join the group follow this link:


How many people are in this group now?

currently 27 people are there.

I want to join but can’t form that many sentences yet :slightly_frowning_face:Will it still be open to join later on?

I’m planning to keep the link, I believe it’s gonna be on top results on google search, so you can join the group anytime, also you can join now and just stay idle till you know the language basics.


Okay, thanks so much!

The use of WhatsApp is unfortunate because it implies sharing the phone number. Getting an anonymous number is fairly tricky in many countries.

And sharing your actual number is a security risk. I would advise against doing so.


I’ll think about it. In order to not have that security risk, couldn’t a thread be created here in WaniKani with a similar purpose?

This. Your phone number is an identifiable piece of information and shouldn’t be shared arbitrarily. Not to put too finer point on it as well, a newly registered user with no established community trust is also an unknown in this regard, so you should be additionally cautious.

From an IT security perspective it’s a fairly obvious step to avoid opening angles of attack against your accounts, but for anyone wondering why, here’s a reasonably balanced article.

Sure, there are already plenty of threads for people to post Japanese back and forth, no reason they couldn’t make a ‘Japanese conversation’ thread.

Alternatively, using something like Discord would allow for a ‘chat room’ experience without having to expose any personal information.


Of course! We already have similar threads too. Welcome to the community.


Speaking of which, I wonder why OP isn’t directly doing it here. :man_shrugging:

By extension, are there any that you know of where it’s fairly not tricky?

Not 100% sure but I read you can buy a prepaid sim card in Canada without ID registration.

Also UK, the Netherlands, Sweden.

There are places where you need to show your ID for a phone number?

I’ve been using prepaid numbers all my life, however I’d still advice against giving them away. Usually even those can be linked to you if you have entered any personal data into your phone, which a lot of people will do without even realizing it.

Uhm, yeah, in most countries the government requires phone operators to check your identity and register your id when selling you a sim card, prepaid or not.

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