Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 1

I went through and added what made sense yesterday…but it looks like more was added since (some not in dictionary form - seems the instructions [guidelines tab] are often ignored ) …it always seems to happen with the clubs…not gonna worry about it since things haven’t started yet. The master list keeper can adjust/tweak as necessary once reading is officially underway.

Shuly do you remember which one? (Just to make sure it wasn’t me) as I added a few earlier.

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admittedly wasn’t fully caffeinated yet… doesn’t matter who did what…there’s rarely any ill intent…and besides it’s going to get amended/changed again anyway :wink: (i.e…there will be more mistakes down the road) not worth worrying about

only mentioned it as a reminder to look at the “guidelines” for others (wasn’t in anyway directed at any one individual)


I just picked up my copy over the weekend! Looking forward to this, my first book club. Are the dates in the schedule for when to start reading that chapter or when to finish by?


The dates are when we’ll start reading each portion. For example, we start reading chapter one on the 1st of May, and start reading chapter two on the 2nd 8th of May. A new thread will be created each week, and it’ll likely mention the details (page numbers, start date) for that week’s reading.


maybe some … but … probably the 8th???


Sounds like fun! I’m going to Kinokuniya next week to pick up Genki II, I’ll have to see if they have this one while I’m there.


Oops! I was thinking “second chapter” and wrote “2nd of May” by mistake.

(This is why I only get to manage offshoot book clubs. I can’t do as much damage there.)


Hi everyone!
This is my first time doing a book club, I’m really looking forward to it!

I made a Kitsune.io Deck of the vocab from the google sheet if anyone is interested in using that to practice. I’ll update it as new vocab gets filled out, and it’ll be tagged by the different chapters.


That looks awesome! I’m sure it’ll be of great use. Do you mind if I link it in the main post?

I´d be in for that one as well for sure!! Loved the anime.

Of course, go right ahead!

Same! I attempted to start but life got too hectic I wasn’t ready.


@AmeKumo, glad to see more people posting Book Clubs on Kitsun :grin:

I wanted to give some quick tips to improve the deck:

  • I think it could be a good option to also have the deck test people on the kanji vocabulary readings.

  • Some words have “/” separating the different meanings. That won’t work on Kitsun. To separate different meanings so you can answer with either meaning A or meaning B, you need to use commas.

Tell me if you need help with this.


Hi all, just received my copy (got it from CDJapan, thank you for the link)! :slightly_smiling_face:
First time doing a book club too and my first manga, can’t wait till May 1st!


I just got the email that mine has shipped. It’s my first book club too! I’m trying to focus on learning some more grammar before it starts as it’s my weakest area I believe. Hopefully I’ll be level or two higher on Wanikani as well.


Thank you so much for the feedback, I’m actually new to kitsun.io but I thought it was such a great resource that I had to try it out for this book club! I realized the comma mistake and it should all be fixed now.

When you say it would be beneficial to test the kanji vocabulary readings what exactly do you mean? Like you have a vocab come up and you answer in english what the meaning is? Do you know of a quick way to implement that in a deck? Thanks again for the help!


This is my first time joining in! I’m around lesson 19 of Genki 2 (敬語), so I hope I’ll be ok! I’ve been wanting to start reading ‘real’ in Japanese for a long time!


I’m way behind you, but I’m still excited to participate. I’m trying to work through the mid chapters of Genki 1. I know it isn’t going to be easy reading this manga, but I’m thinking it will help me improve my grammar and vocabulary.


You’re going to have so much grammar coming at you in the discussion threads (especially if you ask questions!) Just remember, it’s okay if a lot of it doesn’t sink in at first. A lot of the basic grammar (Genki I level stuff) will come up again and again throughout the volume.

Don’t worry if you find yourself struggling in the beginning. My understanding is that Genki’s a bit more sterile than what you’ll be seeing in manga, so you’ll be exposed to a lot of new takes on concepts you’ve already encountered. Good news is, all the stuff that’s more casual than you learn in Genki is used constantly in spoken dialogue, so you may just be used to some of it before the volume’s end.