Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 1

God! This manga is so cute! I’ll be sure to read along with you all…


Yeay, mine has arrived!!!

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And reading more up on it, and the translation isn’t too good. i was convinced someone would be going to tease ‘master takagi-san’, but it’s basically saying: teasing master (very good in): takagi-san.
But: omg, I recognised the 上手


I keep reading it this way as well. It threw me off a bit on who’s who at first.

Whoever came up with this as the title for the official English release really should have employed a dash: “Teasing-Master Takagi-san”.


Wikipedia’s translation makes much more sense: good at teasing: miss Takagi.
Pretty sure it’s clear for everybody who can read Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a little confused on where the book starts. This is my first time trying to read one, and I opted for reading on a kindle/kindle app.

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消しゴマ should be the first chapter

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This is my first book club! I’m looking foward to working with everyone :slight_smile:


woo hoo… a set of 13 vols appeared today … thank you CDJapan and DHL. …always fun buying stuff from Japan… super fast and awesome (at least to Los Angeles)…

gonna try a book club again that this time probably won’t bury me :grin:
(don’t have the reading drive of some of our well known experts here)

was able to read and understand 90 - 95% (a few new vocab)…but finally got to enjoy this… looking forward to opening something and being able to enjoy it a little more instead of pushing through with lots of vocab I don’t know and all that N3 grammar I still need to learn :see_no_evil:


Have this book at home and haven’t read it, so no reason not to join!

See you after the current club finishes.


Thought I’d reread the first chapter tonight and went through and populated the remainder of the vocab sheet for ch1 (page numbers from printed manga)…added more vocab (considering this might be the first book for many absolute beginners) … for the most part ch1 is pretty much filled in…hopefully it makes things a bit easier when the 1st chapter officially starts.



I’m interested in giving this a shot, I’ve heard good things about this manga and want to start reading soon.

Would it be wise to get a physical copy if only because I want to write notes in it? Or is writing straight in manga sacrilege? :smile: Maybe I should get some clear sticky notes?


imo you bought and supported the media and that is really already good enough (there’s too many pirates out there)
As for how you want to work with the book club, it’s your book and I’m sure you can do whatever you want so long as it makes you more comfortable or helps you understanding the context etc.
I personally just choose to go digital cause I don’t want to allocate more space to keep my physical medias :rip:

I bought the ebook and converted it into a pdf. Then I can use the ‘notes’ function in my pdf reader to add digital sticky notes. What I like about this is that I can write as much as I want (infinite space!) and the notes are searchable.


I’m pretty sure I missed out some potential words or I just unintentionally left out some words cause they seemed a bit too obvious to point out (as in depends on how comprehensive we’re gonna make).
But yea feel free to add in words as you see fit :slight_smile:

In past book clubs we’ve had spreadsheets with every single word in them, so I wouldn’t worry about it being too comprehensive :grin:

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Good point! I’m happy to support authors. It was way too easy for a very long time to pirate manga, but it seems nowadays there’s a lot of good resources to read legally.

I bought a physical copy because I think I will add notes to it with clear sticky notes. I noticed a store someone mentioned earlier, Kinokunhiya, is actually in Los Angeles where I’m located. So no issues getting a Japanese copy here – I bought it with some other absolute beginner manga (Yotsuba and Clueless Transfer Student is Assertive)

I have bare shelves myself that need filling anyways – right now the only manga sitting on my shelves complete is Oyasumi Punpun in English. Could use, uh, lighter manga to round out that shelf.

Smart! I may do this as well sometime if I don’t feel compelled to own physical.

Alright… Thank you… This is my first book club joined so it’s really exciting. Still looking forward to someone starting a rent-a-girlfriend bookclub someday :3

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Where did you buy the ebook the you can easily convert it into a pdf?

From Amazon. With Calibre converting any ebook is pretty easy once you’ve got the plugins set up :slight_smile: