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Middle school students Nishikata and Takagi sit next to each other in class. Takagi, who is in love with Nishikata, enjoys teasing him with embarrassing pranks and jokes. In response, Nishikata creates plans to get his revenge, but they always fail when she identifies his weaknesses and capitalizes on them.


Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 February 12th Chapter 1 (36) - 想い出 1 - 16 16
Week 2 February 19th Chapter 2 (37) - 買い物 19 - 34 16
Week 3 February 26th Chapter 3 (38) - 水着 35 - 50 16
Week 4 March 5th Chapter 4 (39) - マラソン 51 - 66 16
Week 5 March 12th Chapter 5 (40) - 二択クイズ 69 - 84 16
Week 6 March 19th Chapter 6 (41) - コーヒー 85 - 100 16
Week 7 March 26th Chapter 7 (42) - 台風 101 - 116 16
Week 8 April 2nd Chapter 8 (43) - ホラー 117 - 132 16
Week 9 April 9th Chapter 9 (44) - クリティカル 133 - 148 16
Week 9 April 9th Bonus - おまけ 150 - 152 3

As before, given how short the bonus chapter is, we will be reading Chapter 9 and the Bonus Chapter in the same week.

Discussion Guidelines

  • Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, even if you think it’s a silly question. Helping each other learn is what book clubs are all about! :slight_smile:
  • When asking for help, please include the ‘ chapter page number ’. This makes it easier for others to help you and it makes the information in this thread more searchable. The ‘chapter page numbers’ are the ones in between the panels on every page, not the ones that occasionally appear at the bottom of the page (those would be the volume page numbers).
  • Please blur out major events in the current week’s pages and any content from later in the book/series by using spoiler tags: text here.

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Chapter Participants


Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first week of Volume 5! I’ve previewed the chapter a bit (though not done a full reading just yet!), and it’s a little different from what we are used to, but still should be lots of fun. :grin: I look forward to seeing everybody’s thoughts, and to continuing our journey with Nishikata and Takagi! (Also I’m silly and forgot I put the placeholder here. :laughing: )

Are you planning on reading with us this week?
  • I will be reading along!
  • I will catch up later!
  • I won’t be reading (anymore)

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I wanna start right now :rofl:


I’m holding off by reading the table of contents and trying to figure out if any of the scenes I’ve seen in 「恋に恋するユカリちゃん」 take place in it.

I only see one highly certain match, a chapter with the same name as one from ユカリちゃん volume 4.

Matching chapter titles


But it’ll be a whole month before I find out if it’s the same event!


well it’s been deleted but I usually like your posts…so for fun…


that was a cute fun read…and hardly any text… :laughing:

that last page…

was like she broke the 4th wall :laughing:
her whole family I feel a little bit sorry for hehehe


Well that was adorable.

Makes me think I’d better prepare my wallet for the fact that I’m inevitably going to end up buying the entire (元) series too :smile:


What? Huh? Was she teasing the audience by hinting at some tragedy? Is that what’s going on here? She really is the teasing master!


Just completed my proper reading of the first chapter. :grin: We didn’t even take a break this time, and yet, I found myself impatient to begin this volume! :laughing:

Edit to add: This chapter was definitely a little light on text, like @shuly says. When first looking through and trying to decide the schedule, I almost combined it with the second chapter, but the following chapter is a return to form in more ways than one, and has quite a bit of text, so I decided it might be a little much to do that.

Story Comments/Standout Panels

Takagi-san went from かわいい to 美しい, eh?

Adorable! Wholly unrelated to Takagi-san, but any time I see a tanuki appear in manga, I now think of Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun and the manga editor who is obsessed with plugging them in wherever he can. :rofl:

Ahahah, this clearly proves that teasing somebody is her love language. Not just Nishikata, but her daughter too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, that’s a Nishikata reaction if I’ve ever seen one. She’s definitely his daughter! :joy:

This reveal (even knowing how things turn out given the existence of the 元 series) was just too good. The fact that she was “teasing” the audience a bit (like @aamunoz just commented on as well!) was super great! Relatively certain this proves @VikingSchism’s ongoing theory of her being an eldritch being. She’s aware of our existence. That’s all the proof I need! :wink:

I’m also with @lucylavelle, this chapter has basically just cemented that I am picking up the 元 series after we’ve run through the main series! 山本先生 is a clever man. He knew exactly what he was doing including a chapter of this caliber in the main series to market the 元 series, and the tactic definitely worked! :laughing:


What do we figure, about two and a half years until then?

But I still give Yukari points for her foresight into Takagi's family's future.


these just came out…ordered already and should arrive this week

haven’t committed to any of the other series yet though…


Barring any changes in reading speed, that sounds like the right amount of time. :grin: Maybe at some point we will decide to read faster, which would be fine, or there will be a less structured schedule if fewer people are here (which I hope doesn’t end up being the case!)

Meaning the Yukari and あしたは土曜日 series? I’m not sure about those, either. What @ChristopherFritz has shared from the Yukari series seems cute, but I’m not totally sold on it yet!


my thoughts now…as much as I want to go faster I actually look forward to this one every week…might get bored eventually, but it’s a nice thing to look forward to that’s heartwarming, and not a killer to read… not sure where I’ll be a year from now but it’s nice to just have something to read and enjoy…

yeah…maybe there will be another preview somewhere along the way … or if/when more cdjapan coupons come along … :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


I can’t believe we were the ones being teased here


For anyone who’s curious, these two series are both centered around Yukari, Mina, and Sanae. The “Tomorrow is Saturday” one is composed of five-page chapters, and it spans 52 weeks (one whole year).

The Yukari series is similar to the Takagi series in format, and the chapters are 11 pages (plus the title page). Oftentimes the chapter will take place during a chapter from Takagi, or will build off of a chapter from Tomorrow.

The recurring theme in both series is Yukari being the straight man to Mina’s and Sanae’s antics. The Yukari series adds in the primary theme of Yukari’s obsession with 恋 and the relationships of various couples in her class (especially Takagi and Nishikata).

You can check out (ため)()み of the Tomorrow is Saturday series.

There’s also (ため)()み for the Yukari seiries.

To give an idea of how the material compares with Takagi, I’d say Soredemo (with Ayumu and Urushi) is closer in the “feel” of how things play out in Takagi than these are.


these arrived today…and looks like season 3 coming soon!!!


I’m a little later than usual today, but I hope everyone’s had a wonderful week. I look forward to reading this week’s chapter with you all!

Are you planning on reading with us this week?
  • I will be reading along!
  • I will catch up later!
  • I won’t be reading (anymore)

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with the week i’ve had…need a happy read! hopefully this chapter is a good one…


Just wrapped up my reading of the chapter. It was good fun, as always!

I had one sentence that I wasn’t really sure about, but it’s because I forgot that ようにする was its own grammar point that works a bit differently than just ように on its own. Once I remembered that, the sentence made perfect sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Standout Panels/Story Comments

This chapter was pretty enjoyable throughout the entire thing! Though, I do have to wonder, was it just me or did it seem like quite a lot of dialogue this time around? Maybe it’s just because the first chapter was so light on it, but it felt like a lot of longer pieces of conversation on both sides. (And of course, quite a bit of internal dialogue from Nishikata).

By this point in the series, it’s nothing too bad, though the days where there was this much text would have made me nervous are are not that long ago, honestly. :sweat_smile: I was just curious if anybody else had the same feeling that this chapter was pretty wordy.

As for standout panels, I only have a couple this time around:

Takagi-san playing along with the 暑い from Nishikata twice made me actually laugh out loud.


I like the little diagram, but this is mostly included because of 死角. For some reason, when I first checked to make sure I had the reading and meaning right (since I hadn’t seen the word before), my IME would not pull up that word at all. It wasn’t until I manually typed 死, then 角 right after it, that my IME suddenly decided it was actually a word that it was going to offer as an option from now on. So odd!

Side-note: In the photo @shuly posted, what is the word after the last 日? I can’t make out what the symbol before the ロ is for sure. It vaguely looks like 千, but has extra strokes. Looks like ホ, but with an extra line on it. I feel like this should be really simple, but I’m drawing a total blank.

Edit: Ah, is it 日和?



Another good chapter. Poor Nishikata, he never learns. :sweat_smile:

I also loved Takagi playing along with Nishikata’s claims that he wasn’t blushing, but was in fact hot. I love how she manages to balance perfectly between being sweet to him, and completely terrorising him!

Yes, I think so :slight_smile: