🐌🏖 Team Snails on Vacation 🐌🏖

This thread is inspired by the Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT thread and by a post I made a few months back haha

Short intro on why I decided to create this thread

During my two-ish years on WK, I have reset twice, put WK on vacation a few times and I’ve taken my time for level ups. The last three level ups took me about 31 days on average. Although in the beginning I felt really motivated by those cool WK people who raced to level 60 in like a year, I have now decided for myself that I’d rather crawl to level 60 like a snail :snail: and don’t shy away from using vacation mode :beach_umbrella: (hence the title of this thread).

:snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella: :snail::beach_umbrella:

The goal of this thread and the Team Snails on Vacation is mainly to motivate each other on our way to level 60. We can share our successes every time we level up but also share our struggles. Don’t worry about being slow in levelling up :snail: and don’t worry about enabling vacation mode :beach_umbrella: whenever you feel like it! I’d be very happy if you want to join the team (at the moment it’s just myself haha) and we just take your time here on WK together.

If you’re interested, introduce yourself in a post and add yourself to the leaderboard below.

And now happy snail time!


Leaderboard for the Wanikani Snails (that are maybe on vacation)

This leaderboard is ranked according to current level, then speed. Speed is the time that took you to level up to your current level. You can check your level up times here: wkstats

|Username|Joined At|Speed|Current Level|
|Thud| level 54|14 days 3 hours |level 60|
|doncr|level 48|283 days|level 48|
|jacob100|level 38|26 days 5 hours|level 45
|anji|level 33|40 days 13 hours|level 35
|beari|level 31|12 days 8 hours|level 31
|kusuri|level 16|14 days|level 30|
|BrunoCaesar|level 16|17 days 22 hours|level 30|
|TimeStamp|level 26|40 days, 4 hours|level 30|
|kramabrab|level 28|at least 21 days|level 28
|herjeon|level 22|12 days|level 27|
|Nemuitanuki|level 20|25 days|level 26|
|NyappyTiramisu|level 19|10 days 22 hours|level 26|
|Tanne|level 10|21 days 2 hours| level 25
|Doggo8|level 8|51 days 14 hours |level 24
Mahi|level 21|317 days 15 hours|level 22|
|weaverZ|level 13|15 days 0 hours|level 18|
|Sproingle|level 11|26 days 2 hours| level 17
|LivingDead|level 13|26 days 15 hours|level 16
|saga|level 14|8 days |level 16
|ArmOfPilot|level 6|86 days 4 hours|level 13
|kchaque|level 9|31 days 23 hours|level 12
sad-axolotl | level 8 | 88 days | level 11
|JustJoeley|level 9|116 days| level 10
|YoungAdam|level 10|25 days 21 hours|level 10
|jmvm1231|level 4|16 days, 8 hours|level 10
|JonathanG|level 7|12 days |level 9
|Jopage|level3|23 days 21 hours|level 9
|fray|level 22 1|47 days 23 hours| level 9
|Koffeegirl|level 3|17 days 4 hours|level 7
|st3lla|level 4|19 days 6 hours|level 7
|kaaaaaaat|level 5|51 days 12 hours|level 7
|KijuGently|level 71|103 days 11 hours|level 7
|Elfeera|level 3|12 days 6 hours|level 6
|emipri|level 21 1|200 days 1 hour|level 6
|Eshoya|level 3|17 days 21 hours |level 5
|Sujidu|level 4|15 days|level 5
|MicrowaveJupiter|level 5|34 day|level 4
|frankiefrank|level 2|26 days 13 hours | level 4
|v3rsailleswitch|level 3|7 days | level 3
|oncejess|level 2|15 days | level 2


hello hello hello!

originally i was part of the first olympians thread:

but as you can see i haven’t exactly been keeping up with progressing through WK, haha. 3 years and still only level 10 :sweat_smile:

but, i do plan to eventually reach 60, and i’ve noticed that these race-type of threads help to motivate users to progress, so i’ll hop along for this one! ^>^


I’m a newer member, but I think my experience fits in here. When I started around half a year ago, I was intent on reaching level 10 as fast as possible. However, since the end of summer, I’ve found it to be more sustainable to just take it slow, as I don’t have all that much time to dedicate to WK.
I haven’t use vacation mode much, but rather have just been taking it very easy on new lessons. I try to keep up on my reviews at least every few days if not every day, and after I finish reviews I usually do 1-2 sessions of lessons (5-10 new items). At this pace, I’ve averaged about 40 days per level for the last several levels, with level 8 being the longest at 56 days.
I’m content to keep going at this pace for now, working my way through levels slowly. Once I finally graduate from university in the summer, perhaps I will have more time and motivation to dedicate towards studying Japanese, and maybe actually start learning grammar *shudders* :sweat_smile:


Can one of the moderators please turn the second post into a wiki? Thank you so much in advance!
@JenK or @RachelG maybe?


I have no idea how these threads work, but sounds like the right place for me. I study quite a lot during semester breaks but once lectures start again my speed drops to almost zero and I just let things pile up, so levelling up takes a while. But hey, I’m not here for a sprint, and I actually don’t mind working my way through a massive pile of reviews when I have the time for it, so it works for me.


When I notice that things pile up and I don’t have the time or don’t feel like doing reviews for a few days or weeks, that’s when I enable vacation mode. Have you ever considered using vacation mode in these situations?


And of course a warm hello to you @YoungAdam, @kchaque and @NyappyTiramisu. I’m happy that you wan to join the snail team. :wave:t3: :wave:t3: :wave:t3:


I have, but usually I’m extremely motivated once I get back into studying, so having a lot of reviews is actually quite nice in that situation, since I can just hammer away at them for hours if I feel like it lol. But I gotta say, right now I kind of avoid looking at my WK front page, since having that massive number of reviews is quite stressful when there isn’t enough time to do them, so in that situation vacation mode does sound tempting.


Team Snails sounds like a good team for me too if that’s ok! I found WK late July 2019, fiddled in free mode and reset in December with the lifetime. I only get to WK once I get home from work during the week and I’ll do a bit more during weekends. Sometimes feel pressured that I’m not doing enough which is silly. I had the Level Duration script active for a while but that stressed me out more so switched it off.

^^ Pretty much my schedule too! I like to clear out reviews every day.


Hi all! I’m newish to WaniKani (started earlier this year, in January or February I think?) and a slower-paced progression thread sounds right up my alley! Similar to what Sproingle mentioned, I can only do WK when I get home from work on weekdays and try to do a bit more on weekends, but definitely don’t have time for new lessons every day. Looking forward to something to keeping me accountable to make slow but steady progress. :slight_smile:


No problem. Got it :+1:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


I thought I would level up today but…



You did it! I can see 23 now! :tada: :sparkles:


Hello everyone! I think Team Snails sounds like a good fit for me too. :slight_smile:
I just started WaniKani in November. I try to do reviews everyday and do lessons slowly as my work schedule permits. This seems like a nice thread where we can encourage each other and go at our own pace.


I’m hereby challenging myself to finish this level this year. I’ve been about 2/3 done for such a long while now, time to make some progress :snail:


You are so close @NyappyTiramisu. You will get there. Slow and steady wins the race. :slight_smile:


Proud to report that I finally made it to level 20, after 61 days spent on level 19 :partying_face: I gotta say, my main motivation for getting back to regularly studying was having announced my goal on a public forum, let’s hope I can keep my current momentum going for a bit