Userscripts suddenly stopped working (solved)

Excuse me if this is the wrong place, all my wanikani userscripts have stopped working and I’m not tech savvy to figure out why. I’m using google chrome with the extension TamperMonkey v4.12. The scripts are all active, and scripts for other websites appear to be working. Any troubleshooting advice is appreciated!

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if you’ve got the keisei semantic-phonetic thingy userscript, it might be that. a commonly proposed solution is to restart your browser, but make sure that you’re not on a tab with WK when you do so.

alternatively, disable your userscripts, restart browser, turn them on one by one, refresh page on which they run ^^


Did you try turning it off and on again?

I do indeed have the keisei semantic thing, and before making the thread had tried restarting my browser and just one script, with no luck. Doing both steps together and disabling every script fixed it. Thank you for your help!
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