Tampermonkey Doesn't Work For Me

My Greasemonkey scripts work on Firefox, but my Tampermonkey scripts don’t seem to be working on Chrome.  None of them…   both browsers have things like:

Super Burn Happy Script
LevelUP Celebrator
Stroke Order
True Result

They all work on Firefox.  None work on Chrome, which is a drag.   Any suggestions on getting my Tampermonkey scripts working on Chrome?


By ‘not work’ do you mean they display errors?
You could also mean they aren’t loaded at all, which probably means you have to allow them in the wanikani domain.

Sorry – I should’ve been more specific.   By ‘not work’ I mean they don’t do what they purport to do.   For example, when I go to a kanji page, I don’t see the stroke order.  When I do reviews, I don’t see the button that says “ignore” (or whatever the button for Override says).   The script’s effect isn’t present.

I don’t see any error messages 

When I look at Tampermonkey’s “installed scripts” tab they all have green check marks under “enabled”.

OK, I’m a freaking idiot.   There’s a distinction between scripts being enabled and tampermonkey being enabled.   The scripts were enabled, but it was tampermonkey that wasn’t enabled.