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So I’ve been talking to a few people on HelloTalk the past few weeks and I’ve pretty much run out of topics to talk about. What do you guys talk about in your target language? Im still unable to make sentences as of yet but hopefully soon I will be able to just ramble on instead of preparing topics each time LOL


I often discuss recent news with my tutors, like new covid restrictions, vaccination etc. Or something interesting I find about Japan. Recently I read that in Japan all new graduate are expected to buy and wear specific black suits for interviews (就活スーツ) so we discussed how weird it is.

What do you talk about?


I have the same problem (and on Hello Talk too, to boot!). Talking about hobbies usually manages to drag the conversation a week or two (but that might also be because I’m a slow replier :sweat_smile:).

I think I agree that talking about current news is the most helpful. Although, in my case, my latest language partner never replied after I gave a lengthy reply about the Japanese olympics and if they would be held this year or not… Hope they got just bored with me, and not offended about something I might have said by accident :flushed:

I think the norm is that you have many, short-term language partners. One, special someone that talks to you regularly for years and years, seems to be a very rare thing. So rare, I’ve never had the joy of experiencing it myself =P

But hopefully we both will soon :smile:


I don’t
Don’t misunderstood me i want to but :upside_down_face: probably can’t

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Just keep looking man :pray:

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