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Hey guys, so i’ve recently started talking to Japanese natives on HelloTalk and it is very interesting. After you’ve talked to a language partner for a while, what would you guys normally talk about? Because I’m running out of ideas and topics haha


Talk about hobbies, and each other about your lives. Also talking about each others countries can help you learn more about the country. Current news can also be discussed. There are all sorts of things!


Think about what you would like to be able to talk about in Japanese, and just try stuff out? Pick out an interesting YouTube video or podcast episode, and talk about that?

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You can just talk about your day.
When I was most active on language exchange apps, my job was primarily to water plants and I was constantly talking about watering plants and people let me do that.


I like to talk about @plantron 's smile :slight_smile:


I have found it is really tough to keep conversations going with most people, but eventually you will likely meet someone who has similar interests and it will become much easier.

Although I stopped using Hellotalk because most of my conversations just dropped off, I did make 1 good friend who I talk to regularly on Line now. I think it’s no different than meeting people in real life. Most people you won’t have enough in common to really continue a friendship, so if you don’t have much else to say I wouldn’t worry about it. Keep meeting new people and eventually you will find good matches


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