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I was wondering what if in all my kanjis, words, radicals, etc. I Type a synonym but in other language that is not english? My first language is spanish and i was thinking of doing that. But not sure if that would work out.

Someone has try it?


You can make your own user synonyms if you want. Simply press “+add synonym” on the learning item’s page or in the information page during reviews.

For example, 酸素 means oxygen, and is separated in 酸 (acid) and 素 (material). This is most likely taken from the Dutch (my native language) term for oxygen, which is “zuurstof” or literally translated “acid material”. This is probably no accident, as the Dutch used to trade scientific journals for wares with Japan, so terms might have been literally taken from those Dutch books. It is much easier for me to see the translation of zuurstof, rather than oxygen in this vocabulary, so I added zuurstof to the synonyms.

I think it is perfectly fine to do this, since it is more important to associate the correct concept with the learning items, rather than the exact precise perfect English term for it that you might not even know. However make sure that slight differences between two English terms translate over to your language before you generalise a meaning of two learning items.


^ Exactly what Pep95 said! You can certainly add Spanish synonyms, but it’s best to make sure the meanings align and all that. I’ve heard of folks with other native languages doing the same on WK.



I was thinking of doing it for ALL the items, would be kinda crazy to do it. Like having my wanikani at my own language. But not sure if thats a good idea.


I personally think it is quite fun to learn some new English words every now and again. There is even a thread about it!

But I can understand that if this happens very often, it is quite hard to keep those terms memorized.


In addition, I believe it’s easier to add synonyms on the mobile app than on the desktop. On the desktop version, I believe, you have to go to each kanji/vocab page to add the synonym. On the mobile version you can do it straight from within a review.

It’s available on desktop, click the eye or hit F to show the menu (and then hit spacebar to show the full menu if you’re seeing the reading only)


Oh I swear it wasn’t there when I looked. Maybe my eyes need testing (again) or maybe it was a lesson.

Disregard me then oops

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