Suggestion: Include a link to the Kanji or Vocab info page when you get something wrong in reviews

Firstly want to say I love the app, I’ve found it very helpful.
My suggestion is that there should be a clickable hard link to the Kanji or Vocab info page (i.e. WaniKani / Kanji / 便) in the info section when you get a review wrong.

Something I’ve found that seems to repeatedly trip me up is writing the wrong reading or meaning for visually similar Kanji. I just accidentally typed 使 as “convenient” as I’d only just learned 便 from lessons.
I know there’s a “visually similar kanji” section when you go look the kanji up directly - the problem that I’ve found is that because there’s no direct link to the kanji page anywhere in the reviews section - it’s rather inconvenient and breaks me out of the “review zone” to go searching through the various level brackets (1-10, 11-20 etc) to find the two kanji that I’m looking for to compare them.

Please correct me if the link is really obvious and I’m just not seeing it :sweat_smile:


Are you talking about the phone app or the website itself? The apps are not official. They’re made by users. On the website however, you can do what you’re asking for:

Thanks for the quick reply! Apologies, I’m a web developer so I call the web version a “web app” :sweat_smile:

So in your screenshot, what I’m talking about is that even though you can see the links to the wanikani info page for the “Rice Plant” and “Rice Field” kanji, there is no link to the wanikani info page for the vocab item “rice field” that you’re actually reviewing i.e. WaniKani / Vocabulary / 稲田 (to find that page, I had to go searching for the 田 kanji, then go to the related vocab section)

See how in this screenshot the only links are to the composite radicals, not the kanji itself? I have to click through into “leader” or “spoon” then go find the kanji I’m looking at. I just often want to look at the info page itself for the current review item (especially if I got it wrong) and I can’t get there in one click at the moment (I don’t think)


Ah, I understand what you’re suggesting. This is a great idea and would be very useful.

Here’s a not-so-pretty script I just found that supposedly adds this (I haven’t tried it). [Script] WaniKani Links
Maybe I’ll try to make a nicer one once I have reviews available.

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Ah thanks so much, I had a feeling some had hacked something together but my google-fu for wanikani scripts is still pretty poor haha.

Just look through this list

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I second your suggestion! I also often want to get to the kanji page when I get an answer wrong, either because I want to look at the “visually similar kanji”, or because I want to refresh my memory and look at the other less common readings (kunyomi/onyomi). I usually open wanikani in an other tab in my browser and copy-paste the kanji in the search bar… So I think that adding this link would be a great idea!

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