Improvement suggestion for Wanikani (post-review summary page)

I recommend a more detailed post-review session summary page.

After you finish a review session, you can see a list of what you got wrong and what you got correct, and you can see information about each item, like the reading, meaning, etc.,

But it would be more helpful to see more information, namely the part of speech (noun, verb, what kind of verb; godan vs ichidan, transitive or intransitive), and to be able to click to hear the pronunciation sample, all gathered and easily viewable on a single page, without having to open a new page/window for each individual item.

Im picturing like a study guide type list of what you got wrong with all that important information following each kanji/vocab item… all easily viewable without having to open up each item’s individual page.

I say this because once you learn the readings/meanings of vocab words, you still cant do much with it if you havent memorized the pronunciation or if it’s conjugated as a ichidan verb or a godan verb, or if it’s a transitive verb or intransitive…

The format could be something like

"Items you got wrong:

誘う (さそう) to invite (godan, transitive) (pronunciation button)
人 (ひと) person (noun) (pronunciation button)
嫌い (きらい) (na adj., noun) dislike Etc

Im not really suggesting a totally redone/reformatted summary page, maybe something you could click on in the post review summary page that takes you to a new page that has all this information (thats important for actually knowing how the word is used) collected and viewable at a glance, probably best in a list-format.


This is not a bad suggestion, and I definitely support it 100%.

But the WK philosophy of web design seems to focus on minimalism. They are very hesitant to add too much information and text to the site beyond what is necessary.

To appease people who want it another way, they open up the API for developers so they could change how the site looks using userscripts.


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