Suggestion - hide english translations for example sentences

Hey, still pretty new, having a lot of fun with WaniKani - I noticed that whenever I learn new vocabulary I try and challenge myself to read and understand the example sentences, but it’s hard not to accidentally look at the English translations seeing how they’re right below the Japanese text. It’s like your eyes are just immediately drawn to the easy way out, but I really want to get in the habit of figuring out the context for myself, I feel like it’s pretty useful because it mostly really just uses easy vocabulary and kanji you’ve already learned. Seems like a waste to not try and use the opportunity to make use of the stuff you’ve practiced.

So yeah now half of the time I’m sitting here awkwardly covering the lower half of the screen by putting my thumb in front of my eye as to keep myself from cheating :smiley:

I feel like an option to hide the translations would be pretty useful (and I guess not a huge hassle to implement)! Just wanted to put that thought out there!



Like a lot of things, there’s a good plugin for that.


Aah dope, I’ll be using that. Thanks!