[Userscript] Hide lesson example sentences' English translations

EDIT: This accomplishes the same goal as this one:


I recommend using it instead of the one I made since that one only adds a simple CSS rule (and mine uses event listeners).

Very simple script that automatically hides the English translation of lesson example sentences. It also adds a button to each sentence to toggle their translations.

I wrote it because I wanted to use those sentences to practice my reading skills and I kept covering the translations with my hand. Well, not anymore!

How to install



  • Initial release

You mean this script?

I imagined there was already one that did the same thing but when I searched for it I couldn’t find it. I apologize and I’ll go back to the shadows again (after deleting the post) :slight_smile:.

EDIT: It seems I don’t have permission to delete my own posts :sweat:

No worries, I just thought you might want to know.

Not really since it just makes me feel dumb for wasting my own time :sweat_smile:

Still it helps the community, so thanks.

If you have other interesting plugins, please share them with us!

This seems useful, is it still working with the recent changes?