Suffixes and proper usage

I had a question about suffixes. I may have asked this before but I often see, in anime, the suffix =tachi.

I know it’s generally understood as pluralizing a noun. For example: Atashi-tachi or something similar.

Yet, when asked, in the context of a Japanese class in college. My professor marked it wrong when the question called for a plural. I don’t remember what the question was, nor what I put. However, maybe those that live out in Japan can guess as to why?

Thanks in advance.

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The question asked is important. たち is used for pluralizing things like pronouns and people.
私たち = we
あなたたち = you (plural)
けいこたち = Keiko and the others

You can’t pluralize, for example, book by saying 本たち.


Maybe you should ask your professor?

My grammar dictionary says -tachi can only be used to pluralize human nouns and pronouns. So you can have 私たち (we)、or 子供たち (children)、but not 猫たち (cats). Non-human plurals can be indicated by repeating the word, or else the context makes it clear. (Internet sources disagree, though. with one suggesting that a specific group of dogs could be 犬たち , but dogs in general are just 犬。Ask your professor.)


@seanblue Everything has its own counter.

@kewms It’s been too long. I doubt she’d remember. I do remember she was very traditional, though. Even had one guy decide not to take M102 because he didn’t like her.

Sorry, I couldnt offer better information, but at least I know what it’s for, I guess.

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