Suddenly: イギリス人

Not a big issue, just curious. I’m on level 14 (reset from 21 a while ago) and today I ‘unlocked’ イギリス人 from level 3. I did a quick search to see if it was recently added but it looks like it’s always been there. Any ideas?


It moved from 17 to 3, IIRC.


That seems logical to me. 17 seems like a very random level to squirrel away as simple and usable piece of vocab as that.


That makes sense, thankyou. Also explains the sense of deja-vu

I just hit this today, I’m level 5 (though here it says level 4).

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When they add things to lower levels it’ll go in your lesson queue automatically if you’re a higher level. So because you’re level 5 already it’ll have been plopped into your lesson queue.

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Just in case somebody gets this topic as a Discourse suggestion, it was due to the July 17th Content Update. (People need to watch that category!)