Problems with イギリス人

Hey all,

I’m on level 5 now and it seems that despite having 人 at the master level and all other kanji from level 3 at at least guru, イギリス人 never unlocked for me as a vocab item.


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It was moved recently, so that why is suddenly unlocked.

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But it seems they are saying it never unlocked for them.

OP, you sure it is not in your lesson queue?

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Ah, I see. Yeah, if it’s still in the lesson queue, it would show as locked.

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I have a large lesson queue right now but I am currently seeing level 4 plus lessons with no イギリス人, and have gone through every other level 3 lesson. I have also gotten to 0 lessons while I was on level 4 with the other 人 vocab coming through then.

Just went and checked, and the new radicals from level 5 do not show as locked despite that they are still in my lessons queue

But British is still locked

Edit: mistakenly said review queue instead of lessons queue

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Yes that’s correct. If they were locked they couldn’t be in your lessons queue.

That may be an issue with your account especially if you’ve already guru’d the 人 kanji. You might have to ping the staff.

This thread title could be interpreted more than one way :slight_smile:


Ok, I don’t really mind if it’s broken for me specifically but if moving it happened to break it in some way for others I figured i should bring it up here, or that someone investigating for bugs would identify the cause or whatever. Is there anything else I should do here to help pinpoint the cause?

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Problems with イギリス人

They use a ton of slang and sometimes I don’t know what they’re saying :scream: :cry: :nerd_face:


eyup cockaspadge wots thar sein bat us english fowk?


One on’t cross beams gone owt askew on treddle.


I feel like a fraud on two levels:

  1. for not knowing what it meant; and
  2. not recognising where it was from.

I’m going to have to exile myself.


Well I guess you certainly didn’t expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition. :stuck_out_tongue:


Look, I have to ask, what have the Japanese ever done for us?


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