Subscription via Paypal not activating

So I decided to get myself a yearly subscription through Paypal. I went through the e-mail process, paid and even have a confirmation on the subscription page that it has been paid through paypal, but everywhere else I’m still listed as free and I also didn’t unlock level 4 yet. Is there something else I still need to do to activate the subscription or is this an error?

You should use email for such questions. Perhaps you’ll need to wait until Monday (west coast time) for them respond though.

The forums can be slow to update, but you can force it by logging out and back in.

I can’t speak for your other troubles, but yeah, emailing the team is the best way to get things like that resolved quickly.

Alright, thanks for the replies. I will send an e-mail then. Just thought I would ask here first, in case it was just some simple extra step that I was somehow missing.

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They do mention somewhere that the process via PayPal is not entirely automated, so perhaps someone has to flip a switch manually - an e-mail will definitely clear that up. Welcome to WaniKani!


When did you pay? Since it’s a manual process it might have been too late to make it before the weekend

Looks like Arlo helped @Radomus out via email :+1:


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