Paypal for subscription payment

It’s not a huge deal but honestly, the convenience of having a “Paypal” payment option would be great. I myself would have probably immediately subscribed with Paypal as an option, I assume that I’m not alone in this.

EDIT: Thank you for the info in your comments/replies, i’ll be sure to remind myself to shoot wanikani an email later!


Their payment service doesn’t support it, but you can email them at, and you can probably work something out for at least yearly.


You can email them if you want to pay using paypal, I don’t know why it’s not an option with their payment service but I never questioned it. One thing to note though is it’s best to wait until you complete level 3 to subscribe since those levels are free and you’d be wasting a subscription anyways.

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No need to subscribe until you’re ready to level up to level 04, anyway. But like blade said, just shoot them an email. They’re usually willing to work with you on things like this.

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I pay through Paypal, so yeah you just have to e-mail as others said.

It would be reaaaally nice if it was set up as a default payment plan though…
It’s like living in a world where we still have to carve characters into the backs of burnt turtle shells…


I’m amazed at how fast their team reacts to emails and the paypal payments. First time i subscribed to them they had it all done within like 5 minutes from me sending them the email asking what their PayPal address was , as soon as the payment got their ,one of their team immediately premiumed my account .

When i bought the lifetime subscription apparantly they accidentally deleted my account ,but restored it so quickly i had no idea anything happened other than their email apologising in case there had been an inconvenience

bunch of awesome people. :slight_smile:


I was wondering the same thing since I remember seeing paypal somewhere, thanks guys !

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