Subscription not starting

After paying or a year subscription yesterday and receiving my confirmation on email, dashboard still shows message about me not renewing my subscription, is this something usual and I just need to wait a few hours or should I contact support to let them know?


If you try to refresh the page it may charge you twice. Try closing your browser and then re=navigating to your dashboard. If it doesn’t adjust, contact support. Keep your emails as proof of purchase.

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Also logging out and back in might do it.

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Unrelated but I love that you still have the tag Koukichi gave you


If you end up going this route, remember that Tofugu is a small team, and there is a chance that they won’t get back to you over the weekend.

Hope it’ll all work out quickly and welcome to WK!


Thanks, I didn’t know that, I’ll be patient, I ended up sending an email just in case, one year is a long time so there’s no hurry


I’m not an admin, but I checked your WK profile and it shows you as a member of “sect guppies” (that is, non-paying members) so there seems to be an issue indeed.
Note that if you paid through PayPal or something exotic like that, they need to take some manual steps to validate the transaction. In any case, I think you were right to directly contact them.


Is weird because on the subscription page the yearly one says is active and I pay through a debit card, on top of that the subscription invoice appears as paid so I guess is something related to other stuff, anyway, I hope everything gets solved, thanks for letting me now.


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