Help, I Couldn't Subscribe

Hi everyone,

I have reached level 3 a week ago or so, and have been trying to find ways to upgrade my account ever since…I’m a Syrian refugee in Malaysia…not to nag a lot, but this means that I can’t have a proper bank account set up for me in order to pay for the subscription.

I tried a pre-paid card that I acquired recently, however, it didn’t work.
I even tried a local friend’s bank card (debit) and that also didn’t work.
I emailed hello@wanikani, very helpful and kind, they asked me whether I have a PayPal, so they could arrange a yearly subscription, but there are 2 problems with this:
1- I do have a PayPal account, however, due to the same issue above, I can’t load money inside of it…so obviously, there’s no way for me to have the required amount inside of it.
2- I’d like to have a monthly subscription, and not a yearly one.

So, is anybody here in Malaysia that tried subscribing and could help me with this one way or another?

Now, I did state this in the email, but I have to say it again: I’m not, in any way, asking for money, I’m just asking for means to help me in subscribing.

Hope I can find some help in here. Thanks in advance.

Update: Issue solved!! apparently,the reason the payment didn’t work was due to uBlock (ad blocking extension for chrome) I turned it off and tried again, and voila, I’m LEVEL 4!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Since you’ve already contacted the developers, they are the only one’s that can help you set up your subscription payments. The terms they’ve discussed with you over email are probably the only alternative ways they can accept payments. None of us on the forum are able to tell you something they haven’t already told you, unfortunately. I suggest you wait until they are back in the office to respond to you. Hopefully you can get that issue squared away soon!


Thank you for replying.
I’m just checking if any Malays are here to try and solve this with their help instead of troubling the developers with such an issue…I’ll re-check with them by tomorrow though.
Thanks again

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I saw there are Malaysian WaniKanian who had posted here. I hope they’ll help you soon ah.


Maybe you could look into why this didn’t work

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yes, that’s also correct, perhaps I should try with other friend’s card.

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