How do i cancel my account?

how do i cancel my account or at least stop myself from being billed? I cant see anyway to do this

Updated link: WaniKani / Account / Subscription

WaniKani / Account / Billing
Section 2: Change subscription state

Scroll down to cancel subscription

thanks i didnt realize the page scrolled down that far

We hope you come back if your financial state changes.

If you really didn’t like the application, then we hope you continue your Japanese studies regardless!

: )

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There is no escape, only after reaching level 60 you have an option to opt out :^)


Not even then! The only button you are allowed is the Danger Zone!

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If it’s because you’re level 1 and could be enjoying/trying the first three levels for free, perhaps try emailing
Otherwise, yeah, ryan2’s link will do the trick, but you’ve still already paid for the current month (so if you like it you might as well use it while you can).

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