Stupid question, but I don't know where else to ask

What does “あなたのの国に何がありますか。” mean? I’m teaching myself so I don’t have a teacher or friend to ask.

Did you copy it correctly? Looks like there’s an extra の in there.

But assuming that wasn’t there originally…

あなたの国に in your country
何がありますか what is there?

What is there in your country?

Presumably, meaning famous landmarks, foods, etc.

If you don’t want to make a new thread for questions like this, you can always use the Short Grammar Questions thread.


Thank you so much! Yes, there was an extra の.

Is this sentence from Genki I by any chance? There have been quite a few Genki study groups here in the forums, so maybe if you search around you can find one of those groups if they are still active? Or maybe set up a new group and try to find a few others who are interested in studying together?


Yes! How did you know? I guess I know how you know.
I didn’t know that was a thing, thanks!

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