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Not sure if I’m putting this in the correct place, but here goes (also my first time posting, so go easy lol). I was trying to say that “In America, driving is a rite of passage” and was wondering if the correct way to convey this would be “アメリカに運転しているのは通過儀礼ですよ。” Does that seem correct, or am I off?

I’d appreciate any feedback and would like to once again apologize if this is in the wrong place (I realize that Wanikani is more of a Knaji thing rather than grammar, but I’ve seen people discussing grammar in the stories they’re reading, so I figured “why not”).

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I couldn’t really comment on the specific word choices (though they do look fine for me), but as for particles, I’d personally go


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Ah, I’ve seen the のが construction before when commenting on whether you like/dislike to do something or have skill in some area (~のが上手/すきです) so that’s interesting. It’d be nice if it were that easy lol!

Thanks for the help! :blush:

の is a nominaliser - turns the verb phrase before into something you can treat as a noun.

I moved this to the Grammar section for you.

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Thank you! Sorry for the trouble!

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