Stuff that looks like kanji


Kanji are quite abstract, but sometimes you can find images that closely match the shape (and sometimes also the meaning). Post your pictures, with a caption if the meaning doesn’t match!

陽 – Sunshine (lvl 12)

率 Percent (lvl 20)

My new gear (codename 「りつ」) is five percent better than the old version.


Tree is harder than expected.

木 – Tree (lvl 2)




Am i doing this right?


Oh yeah!

禁 – Prohibition (18)



I will follow this thread…

for the LOLS!!


卒(そつ)graduate (from level 14)

The lid at the top and the cross at the bottom, I have always seen as a (vertical) trash compactor enclosure. The name is of course taken from this famous scene in Star Wars. And look! There’s people in it too!

The meaning doesn’t fit, but it fits pretty well with the above mentioned 率 (you squeeze and squeeze then whatever is in there explodes and disgusting gooey stuff comes out and you have reduced the size some percent)… but then there’s no people in there :cry:


Great! Really looks like people in a press.

I just confirmed to myself that you can find images of everything in existence on the Internet.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: four!

四 – Four (2)



(Just ignore the feet on the right)


This one is amazing!


田 - Rice Paddy

Farm from Age of Empires 2.


Looks like a guy holding a sledgehammer!
It means Project/Reflect, so not at all related -_-


To me 五 (Five) looks like the number 6 on fire.This is how I saw it the first time I saw it and how I still remember it, which is frustrating because 6 != 5.

I can remember it as five because it has five distinct lines (albeit with four strokes…)

The ‘Construction’ Kanji looks like a steel beam or rail cross section which I think is appropriate for it’s meaning.






Speaking of graduation, I think of it as a graduation ceremony:

Which took way too long to find a picture for… so I made this poorly drawn thingumy:



But like… isn’t this five doe? (五(ご)
I thought six is this: 六 (ろく)


But that IS the kanji for five??

六 - is six, roku?


Omg we both commented hat the same time XD I’m shook


Based on the picture of the red six, I’m hoping they just got their mords wuddled up, and meant “5 looks like the number 6 on fire”.



Honestly, 卒 looks to me like a person wearing a flat hat with their hair down and arms stretched out – kind of like this:


古 – Old (3)


Your holy hand grenade looks too old.