Study schedule - does it matter?

Hi! I was just wondering what everyone’s study schedule is like.

I know ideally you’re supposed to study 3 times a day, with a 4 and 8 hour interval, for example:

8am - Study
12pm - Study
8pm - Study

Do most people here follow this type of schedule?

I think it will be nearly impossible to do this if I want to go to the gym on most days plus have a full time job.

Would love to hear what everyone else is doing!


Some people shift the first/lesson session to 4+ hours before bedtime, then do 1st review just before bed; i.e. 6pm/10pm/6am

I do use this type of timing/spacing myself - the exact one in your example!


If you really can’t do neither of the day and night shifts, then I’d prioritize on finding time for the first 2 steps: doing lessons + 4h, as those are the most important.


I will admit to being a bad student when it comes to timing. I do reviews when I have time, I do lessons when I have time. My days don’t tend to look the same day to day or even week to week, so while I try to hit the first 4 hour review, I still do lessons even if I know I can’t hit that. The only time I don’t do lessons is if my brain/mind is too tired to take in anything new.

I also have to regularly remind myself that if I do Japanese before certain things, than I sometimes don’t do those things at all. (Studying switches on one part of my brain (thought pattern), and those other things need another part.) So studying Japanese early in the day is typically not a good thing for anything but Japanese, and unfortunately my job is not built around learning Japanese. Awww…

(I also moved from Japan to Sweden in the last two weeks, so most of my reviews are at very odd times right now.)

This system (or non-system) is working for me, at the speed I want to go, so I’m happy enough with it. But I also tend to change how I do things depending on what else is happening in my life. (This usually means that I will mostly be level at a 9-14 day pace and then I’ll have 1-2 month long levels.) I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know myself well and how my mind works, so I use that. For anyone who don’t know what works best for them, all I can say is experiment, and experimenting with more optimized schedules seems like a better idea than my particular ad hoc method.


Yes, I always follow a schedule. It’s not super optimized but just as you I have full-time job and want to go to the gym almost every day.

I have two more or less fixed times for WK:

  • lessons + reviews in the morning morning ~7-8am
  • 2nd review session before bed at ~9pm

And as for my 1st review session, it will depend on when I can find time for a break at work.

I know that I need to do my reviews at ~1pm at latest, otherwise I can’t do 2nd review session at 9pm. So, I have a flexible window between 11am and 1pm to do my reviews. Usually, I do them just before or after lunch.

With this schedule I only have a few dozen reviews during lunch, so it takes only 5-10 minutes. The bulk of my reviews is in the evening (~100+).

You do have a lunch break at work, right?


Hi neosim,

typically, I do my reviews about three times a day

  • ~6 am or ~8 am (i.e. after breakfast or before my workday starts)
  • ~12pm (i.e. lunch break)
  • ~8pm or later (i.e. after working out or before going to bed)

I have the same real life duties you mentioned, so working out and having a full time job is on my daily agenda as well, but I think if your studies are important for you, you will find a way. We spend so much time browsing the internet or checking Insta/FB/whatever, why not use it in a smart way? :slight_smile:

At the end of the day, anything is better than nothing. If you manage to study only once per day, you will still progress!

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It honestly depends on your style of studying (assuming you’re still studying) in other things besides Japanese. I prefer a system that I can more or less follow because I prefer structure than spontaneity

I have a job with a flexible schedule (doing research in CS Theory), so I generally do the reviews as soon as they are available, and have even adjusted my sleeping schedule to meet them. This is very much a far cry from something that most people could or probably should even be advised to do, but I wanna get the record on time to level 60!

My schedule is
morning - reviews + lesson batch
evening (+12 hours) - reviews + lesson batch

I don’t adhere to the 4h interval for Apprentice I, and my accuracy scores for that stage are lower than for other stages as a result. I’m not too bothered by this though, this schedule works for me.
Consistently studying every 12 hours and sticking to the same amount of lessons means my review batches are pretty much always the same size, so I know what to expect.


LOL I’m lucky to get one session in per day:

  • Weekdays during my lunch break
  • Weekend mornings after I get up

That’s it. Weekday mornings are getting to work and getting the kids to school (outside of the current situation). Weekday evenings are making dinner and spending the little time I have with the family between getting home and sleeping. Weekends are more flexible, but then I’m usually doing all the other stuff I put off during the week, like fixing the kitchen drawer, mowing the lawn, etc.

There are people on here who are able to dedicate the time to go at full speed, and my hat’s off to them, but I’m fine here in the carpool lane, steadily making progress and trying to enjoy the journey. :wink:


Sounds like everyone has different schedules and if youve got a lot going on the 4 hour interval is hard to stick to.

I’ll try playing around to see what fits but I would like to stick to that pattern. But in the end, as long as youre doing it consistently thats all that matters I guess.

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I had a super strict schedule. But with the way the world has been lately, I’ve just been doing reviews as they come up, and I make sure to clear before bed.

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I like when I end up getting thrown off and WK or FD has me having to do reviews at 2200, 2300, etc.

I’m all “Nah, fam. I’ll do them at 0630 when I get into work.”

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