Study any number of radicals, kanji and vocabulary

one of the perhaps more peculiar aspects of WaniKani is that all learning sessions are divisible by five radicals, kanji and vocabulary, but all the new kanji is listed in sets of six in the dashboard.

If you’re like me and want to keep radicals, kanji and vocabulary as separate review sets for better learning experience, this inevitably creates problems. For example, you may end up with a review set sized 15 consisting of seven vocabulary items, six radicals and two kanji.

As an example let’s imagine you are just starting a new level. There are seven new radicals - and nothing else - you’d like to include in your session.

Normally you would end up with three kanji following those radicals as they all come up in sets of five in learning sessions, as mentioned. Here’s what you can do.

  1. Study the first set of five radicals as per usual and continue to new set.

  2. Memorize the remaining two radicals and press Skip a couple of times to enter the review phase. There’s no need to memorize the three kanji, just start the review.

  3. In review phase, give the right answer for radicals and wrong ones to kanji. This is easy as you didn’t actually study those kanji at all.

  4. After you’ve got the two radicals correct, quit the review session. You will end up with a set of seven radicals to be reviewed in four hours time.

Of course the same method also works if you for example want to include any number of new vocabulary indivisible by five to your upcoming review set.


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You can just change the number of lessons you receive in a batch in your settings.


You can use the Lesson Filter script to tailor your lesson content to your need. This is what I do and I am very satisfied with the script.

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