I have this figured out now thanks

I’m entirely new to this, and me being rushed, I ended up skipping the tutorial, so if the answer was there I apologize for waiting time.

So I just recently paid for a subscription hoping to get more lessons available, but still only the first 26 radicals are only there for review every few hours.

I know all those radicals already and I was wondering if I have to complete them a certain amount of times before I can move on, I still only have them at apprentice but its all really easy which is why I want to move on.

Can someone explain to me how to continue this or if I have to keep reviewing or what?

Here, check out the FAQ. It’s a nice read.

Thank you very much for that

There was just pretty good discussion where you get picture about progression in wanikani

Basically you just need to really focus on getting all radical and kanji answers right. Vocabulary answers won’t affect your progress speed. This is more like than long term commitment where consistency and patient everyday study habits will eventually pay off. Meanwhile there is time to read grammar, learn vocabulary or try to read, listen and maybe write or talk.

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