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Ok, this is kind of weird, but maybe some of you will find this helpful as well.

I really enjoy watching this guy’s videos while I study. He silently walks through all sorts of places in and around Tokyo. Most of his videos are in 4k quality, and most of them are nearly an hour long. He also publishes new videos pretty regularly. It makes the perfect backdrop for studying for me.

There’s no loud music or dialogue to listen to, but you do get to see a view into Japan that you might not get where you live. I watch it on my 55" TV while I’m studying, and it’s like looking through a window into Japan.

I find it both motivating and relaxing. My wife and I also will leave these videos on while we’re cooking. They’re perfect to have something to just look at without having to pay much attention to.

If any of you do something similar, please let me know what you use!


Ooh. While I generally don’t listen to anything while studying from a book, I’ve always got music going while doing WaniKani. Generally, I like Lofi Hip-hop and vaporwave while I study. Lemme hit you with some of my faves.

This is great. Everyone knows that the lofi hip-hop stations are good for studying, but this mix is special due to the relaxing japanese bus video playing. Throw it up on a second monitor, remind yourself why you’re studying in the first place. To become a japanese bus driver. That is why you’re studying japanese, right?

Also this, if you get bored of watching anime girls do their homework for hours.

If you’re more into vaporwave, this is my favorite youtube mix, due to its fuzzy nostalgic commercial visuals running through the entire hour-long playlist.

This doesn’t actually count as a fave as I’ve only listened the once, but I just jammed out about 100 reviews to it so I feel obligated to include it.


One of my favourite things to watch on YouTube is train driver views. If you stick the name of a train line in Japanese into the YouTube search box along with 前面, guaranteed you will find several videos in which someone has literally just pointed a camera out the front window of a train for its entire run. Some of them are even annotated quite informatively with station names and so forth, but granted, sometimes it can be tricky to find one that doesn’t shake constantly.

For example:


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