Stuck on level 6 for a while now

Hi, I’ve been having some trouble with my level 6 characters. They never seem to level up to Guru.

According to the FAQ, shouldn’t they level up to Guru once I get them right 4 times in a row? I’ve got at least half a dozen with 4+ streaks but still stuck at Apprentice.

Does anyone know why these might not be levelling up?

I’m going to assume having a streak of 4 means you’ll guru it in the next review.

The “4 answers gets you to guru” assumes no mistakes. When you get one wrong in your first or second review, and then get it right later in the same review session, that still moves you down, and while it counts toward your streak on the item page, you are still at the lowest level possible and need to start from scratch.


Yeah, you were right. I just did a review and the character levelled up on streak of 5.
Guess I’m just being a little impatient haha.

Are you sure? That doesn’t sound right to me. I had that situation just happen and the streak reset to 1.

Are you saying that if I get it wrong at the start, it sets the SRS level to -1? or something?

The streak has nothing to do with calculating what level of the SRS ladder you’re on.

Let’s go through a hypothetical and keep a running streak log. We’ll call the “just finished the lesson and have 4 correct answers left to go” stage Apprentice 0.

  1. Right (1), SRS Apprentice 1
  2. Wrong (0), SRS Apprentice 0
  3. (same review session) Right (1) SRS Apprentice 0 (SRS didn’t go up because you got it wrong during this session, but your streak did go to 1 because you got 1 right in a row)
  4. Right (2) SRS Apprentice 1
  5. Right (3) SRS Apprentice 2
  6. Right (4) SRS Apprentice 3
  7. Right (5) SRS Guru

Basically, you can never end a session with a streak less than 1, but your SRS will still have gone down (or stayed down) if you got a wrong answer during the session.


Ahhhh, now I understand. Thanks for taking the time to explain that.

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