Coincidence or what: every single correct answer goes to Guru

I’ve seen this a few times and I am wondering if it is a bug or just a coincidence: sometimes when I have a decent batch of reviews available (today it was 58), I start going through them and notice that EVERY one I get correct goes to guru. Today I was lucky and got all 58 correct, and they all went to guru. This included kanji that I had got wrong recently (so I was surprised to see guru) as well as vocab from ages ago (that I would have expected to be past guru by now). I don’t pay enough attention to stats to be sure its not a coincidence, but 50+ all ending up at guru does seem suspicious. Has anyone else seen something like this?

Sounds suspicious, maybe you should check on the detail pages of a few items if they really are guru. In a simple case maybe the “guru animation” is broken for you. If they always look legitimately guru … maybe weird coincidence?

I just finished my reviews and the items went to different levels (just as they should have).
If you have the script ultimate timeline installed you can check easily which level your items are, e.g. from my dashboard
the next stack of reviews contains an item with the level: Apprentice 3. Thus it should not go to Guru, no matter if I get it correct or wrong in my review.
Can you check your items that way?

Maybe this userscript can also help to give you a detailed report of how many items there are in each apprentice step:

thanks for the suggestions, I will try the scripts. Today’s reviews went to all different levels, and though I’ve seen it before its widely spaced in time - so I guess the weird coincidence is most likely at this point.

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