Help! Flooded in reviews/lessons

I’ve neglected WaniKani for a few years but decided to resubscribe for 2021! But this was waiting for me on my dashboard…

Is there any way to narrow these down?


You can reset to a lower level, which would put all of the items from the levels above that point to their original locked state. You’ve been away from WaniKani, but have you kept up with Japanese / kanji during that time? Depending on how much you’ve studied in the meantime would determine where you want to reset to exactly.


Thank you so much!! I’m gonna go do that :slight_smile:

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BTW, you can do it by going to the dashboard, clicking your avatar and then choosing “Danger Zone.”

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you could reset a few levels to remove the reviews from the most recent ones and get rid of some lessons (unless they’re from much older levels)

or you could brute force - not recommended - by doing reviews until you hit 0 and start lessons again

or you could use scripts to review strategically and/or scripts to identify things you forgot and self study before reviews.

if it’s inspiration you need, there are many threads with stories of how people overcame huge review piles like this one

for example…


Whoaa that review pile is insane! I decided to reset my account a few levels back to lessen the pile, and now it’s a lot more manageable :smile:


While you can reset to a lower level, and I’d probably suggest this if you’ve been away for such a long time, as you’ll have retained very little. I did the same thing, resetting from 10 to 1 after a 210 day break.

However, I wouldn’t say a review stack like that is insurmountable. I took a five week break before Christmas and forgot to put vacation mode on, so came back to worse than this (this is where I’m at today):

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Offering a different perspective, that’s actually exactly what I would recommend.


I read this as five day break and became very worried for you. But five weeks is more understandable. Good luck getting them down to 0 again, though I know you’re up to the task for sure!


Oh yeah, I’d be super worried if that was 5 days worth, unless I’d been doing 100 lessons a day or something.

Thank you for your confidence ^-^


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