Stroke count in handwriting

I’ve been using Kanji LS recently and I found that while 比 is a 4 stroke kanji, in the handwriting version Kanji LS splits up the second stroke into two parts… which would make it a 5 stroke kanji. Is this allowed? I kind of feel like its cheating somehow…


If you look at a kanji kentei prep book, they explicitly show this kanji as an example of one where you should not be writing it with an extra stroke, such that it sticks out to the side like that. That is not proper handwriting.

That squiggly mode is supposed to be handwriting? I never looked into it.

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Thanks for the quick reply. The squiggly mode, to me it looks like some random dudes handwriting. There’s a lot of rounded corners and such. I don’t really use it either… But I check it out sometimes when my own attempts at writing the kanji looks really ugly (which they do quite often).

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